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FAQ | HomebrewNinja

Frequently Asked Questions


Common questions and answers about HomebrewNinja.com

Still have a question? Email us at [email protected]. No really, we'll email you right back!
Why do you need my zipcode?

We use the zipcode you provide to assess shipping costs

What stores does HomebrewNinja.com search?

Adventures in Homebrewing, Farmhouse Brewing Supply, HopHero.com, Love2Brew.com, Midwest Supplies, Morebeer!, Northern Brewer, Nikobrew.com, and William's Brewing and we're constantly working to grow that list.

If you have a store you think we should include, contact them and let them know about us. Contact us as well, and we'll put them in our ever expanding queue of retailers to add.

What stores does HomebrewNinja.com have in the queue to include?

BrewChatter, E. C. Kraus, Homebrew Heaven, ValueBrew, From Grain to Glass, The Wine and Hop Shop, HomeBrewStuff, Tamarack Homebrew Supply, Mid-Atlantic Home Brew, Yakima Valley Hops , Michigan Brew Supply, Stubby's Texas Brewing Inc, Northern Brewer, Onebrew, Onebrew

Give me more info about HomebrewNinja.com.

HomebrewNinja exists to provide you with the information you need to brew cheaply so that you can brew more. As homebrewers ourselves, we know that you want the best ingredients at the best prices so that you can brew well and brew often. We started this site primarily because we wanted this information for ourselves. But we don't want to keep it to ourselves--instead, we're sharing it with you!

We store the product pricing information in our database and categorize it all so that you can search it quickly. You simply input your recipe's ingredients and then our site does the searching for you. How do you search?

What products do you search?

Currently, we search ingredients and cleaning/sanitizing products. We hope to include equipment and other homebrewing supplies in the future.

How do I make a suggestion?

Just submit your suggestion through the Contact page and we'll check it out right away! We love your suggestions and they help to make this site better and more useful to you!

What is the profile and why should I use it?

Having a profile simply adds convenience for you. It's where your zip code and store preferences are saved. It also allows you to store shopping lists that you'll purchase again. Have a summer wheat beer that you're going to brew again and again? Save that list to your profile and each time you need to brew it, we'll find the store that has your ingredients for the best price.

What are store preferences and how does that work?

Maintaining store preferences allows you to search your 3 favorite stores with just a click of a button. On the Shopping List page, there's a switch in case you want to see the absolute best deals, but some people just want to search specific stores every time so we created Store Preferences.

I'm an online homebrewing retailer. How do I get included in HomebrewNinja.com? How much does it cost?
Get Started

There is currently no cost for stores to participate in HomebrewNinja.com. If you want to be included, click the above Get Started button.